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  1. Anti Aging Mask

    Anti Aging Mask

    A potent mask containing peptides and active rejuvenating ingredients for healthy, younger looking skin. Softe, smooth, and rehydrate skin. Learn More
  2. Skin Lightening Mask

    Skin Lightening Mask

    This mask may help even out skin tone with a non-hydroquinone formulation - a sophisticated blend of advanced tyrosinase inhibitors and lightening agents. Regular use of mask and the daily use of a pigment lightener combined with the discipline of daily Broad Spectrum Sunblock may result in the reduction of the appearance hyperpigmentation. Learn More
  3. Oxygen Stimulating Mask

    Oxygen Stimulating Mask

    This oxygen based mask utilizes natural ingredients to stimulate skin, leaving it feeling and looking refreshed, resulting in a youthful appearance. Learn More
  4. SPAfrica's Revitalizing Marula Infused Mask

    Revitalizing Marula Infused Mask

    This mask is formulated for dull and fatigued skin. The scientific breakthrough ingredient, Oxygen Plasma, may help deliver high levels of oxygen and nourishment, alongside a rich infusion of Marula, a super antioxidant with moisturizing. The mask may help restore the skin's equilibrium, typically impaired by smoking, illness, physical exhaustion and environmental conditions. Regular weekly use will leave the skin radiant and full of vitality. Learn More
  5. Charcoal Detox Mask

    Charcoal Detox Mask

    It contains the highest concentrations allowable for the greatest therapeutic effect of active ingredients. Drawing dirt and excess oil out of skin pores unveils clearer more radiant complexion. Learn More

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  6. Dermedicine Black Peel Off Mask

    Black Peel Off Mask

    Unique peel off black mask that works towards a clearer and smoother complexion. Learn More

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  7.  Dermedicine Red Clay Pore Detox Mask

    Red Clay Pore Detox Mask

    Formulated with naturally derived and organic ingredients, this powerful Pore detox mask uses the soothing benefits of Red Clay to clean skin and minimize the appearance of pores. Learn More

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