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  1. SPAfrica's Citrus Stem Cell Complex

    Citrus Stem Cell Complex

    This state of the art formula uses the stem cells produced from the Orange plant to influence your skin's stem cells into picking up the slack. Revived stem cells result in collagen growth and reorganization of the collagen fiber network. This gives skin a tighter and smoother feel. It may help protect your skin from environmental and oxidative stress, which helps it maintain a youthful and radiant appearance. Learn More
  2. SPAfrica's Wrinkle Repair Power Cream

    Wrinkle Repair Power Cream

    By using two powerful Peptide ingredients in a nourishing cream this powerful formula may help to relax and calm skin. Learn More
  3. SPAfrica's Deep Wrinkle Power Serum

    Deep Wrinkle Power Serum

    This serum uses a peptide which mimics the youth hormone thymopoietin. Learn More
  4. European Bio Marine Therapy with Algae

    European Bio Marine Therapy with Algae

    A unique hydro-marine formula, derived from brown algae found off the European Atlantic Coast, his product is rich in vitamins and minerals which may help to rejuvenate skin. Learn More
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