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Citrus Stem Cell Cream

Quick Overview

Cistrus Stem Cell Cream is a state of the art formula that uses the stem cells produced from the Orange plant to influence and hydrate skin. Revived stem cells may help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkle
  • Regain youthful appearance
  • Smooth and Soften

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As you age, the rate and efficiency with which your skin's stem cells differentiate into new revitalizing cells dissipates, resulting in poor collagen levels, and an unorganized collagen fiber network. This contributes towards the wrinkling of skin and a dull complexion. Fortunately nature provides a boost of stem cell stimulating assistance, via the application of botanical stem cell actives. Stem cells are important building block cells that constitute the foundation of various types of specialized cells. They have both the capacity to renew themselves and the ability to differentiate into other cells. They also contain an assortment of life nourishing elements and molecules. Plants have stem cells which help control their repair and growth. These cells contain various sugars, amino acids, peptides and proteins that accumulate in the plants cellular cytoplasm. In Nature, they help protect the cell from free radicals, saline and temperature changes, and maintains the osmotic cell balance in response to environmental and internal stresses. It uses the innovative and safer option of Peptide treatment, to relax and calm the facial muscle contractions, subsequently reducing the appearance of expression lines and age. Studies have shown, applied topically to human skin, the orange stem cells help to protect it against environmental attacks. The ingredient's peptide and protein makeup also directly influence the skin's own stem cells, which in turn increases their ability to generate new collagen. With the natural progression of age, collagen and elastic fibers become scarce and disorganized, resulting in a loss of elasticity and an aged appearance. By stimulating the skin's stem cells to produce new collagen, and reorganizing the collagen fibers, citrus stem cells may help counteract the skin aging process. This compensates for the natural decline of collagen levels. Noting these significant improvements and aesthetic gains, it's little wonder that stem cell technology is a viable and beneficial way to go.

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