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Africa is a special place. The world’s second biggest continent is rich and teeming with life. This unique environment harbors many secrets; natural and unrefined, as abundant as the vegetation and wildlife that roams the open African plains.SPAfrica is a personal skin care line developed by professional dermatologists who have cultivated the unique properties and qualities of the signature African ingredients in order to unlock the natural affiliation between the skin and the terrestrial nourishment these ingredients hold.

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  1. SPAfrica's Marula Infused Under Eye Cream

    Marula Infused Under Eye Cream

    This light eye cream is a powerful mix of natural botanical extracts all specifically chosen to improve the appearance of dark circles and may help restore a more vigorous appearance. The infusion of Marula Oil takes this cream to the next level thanks to it's superior anti-oxidant and moisturizing effects. Learn More
  2. SPAfrica's Marula Infused Night Cream

    Marula Infused Night Cream

    This infused night cream may help transform desert dry skin into a sea of health and radiance thanks to its powerful Seaweed Extract and Marula Oil ingredients. North African Brown Sea Algea may help enhance the skin's ability to trap and balance moisture content. By providing protection, moisturization and the necessary skin enhancing nutrients, Marula Oil may help to protect against free radicals and the environment. Learn More
  3. SPAfrica's Intense Mineral Hydrating Spray

    Intense Mineral Hydrating Spray

    This product is packed with over seventy essential minerals; formulated to help nourish and soothe the skin. Certain skin types may react to exfoliation with redness or mild burning. This spray may help provides instant, cooling relief. A convenient moisturizing spray for air travel and drier climates. Learn More
  4. SPAfrica's Deep Wrinkle Power Serum

    Deep Wrinkle Power Serum

    This serum uses a peptide which mimics the youth hormone thymopoietin. Learn More
  5. SPAfrica's African Amber Facial Scrub

    African Amber Facial Scrub

    Exfoliating scrub that uses Amber granules to deliver a mild exfoliation. With the blissful additions of Honey and Vanilla ingredients, this aromatic treasure is a pleasure to the senses that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, totally rejuvenated. Learn More
  6. SPAfrica's Alpha Hydroxy Exfoliating Gel

    Alpha Hydroxy Exfoliating Gel

    This gel is an exfoliating masterpiece that uses 3 of the most effective and natural alpha-hydroxy acids to deliver a superior exfoliation experience, in a soothing and skin nourishing cream balanced with a rich blend of natural fruit oils. Glycolic Acid, Pyruvic Acid and Lactic Acid all contribute to the deep penetrating and fast acting. This powerful formula may remove dead skin and revive complexion in a delicate and calculated manner. Learn More
  7. SPAfrica's Revitalizing Marula Infused Mask

    Revitalizing Marula Infused Mask

    This mask is formulated for dull and fatigued skin. The scientific breakthrough ingredient, Oxygen Plasma, may help deliver high levels of oxygen and nourishment, alongside a rich infusion of Marula, a super antioxidant with moisturizing. The mask may help restore the skin's equilibrium, typically impaired by smoking, illness, physical exhaustion and environmental conditions. Regular weekly use will leave the skin radiant and full of vitality. Learn More
  8. SPAfrica's Botanical Dark Spot Corrector

    Botanical Dark Spot Corrector

    Combining two effective, plant derived skin lighteners, this serum encourages the promotion of a brighter, more uniform complexion. By inhibiting the production of tyrosinase (the cellular process of melanin pigment synthesis). Learn More
  9. SPAfrica's Firming Neck Therapy Cream

    Firming Neck Therapy Cream

    This nneck cream may help improve the appearance of the lower face, jaw line, neck and décolleté. This unique formulation contains advanced fat dissolving, skin tightening actives. With consistent application, this neck ream may help to tone, tighten and increase the appearance of skin's overall thickness by forming a protective barrier. Learn More
  10. Spafrica's Natural Collagen Anti-Aging Cream

    Natural Collagen Anti-Aging Cream

    A state of the art formula that uses the stem cells produced from an Orange plant with the purpose to influence skin stem cells into picking up the slack. This advanced cream may help sustain the radiance and beauty of your skin long into the future. Learn More
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