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  1. Post Shave Toner

    Post Shave Toner

    May help soothe, refresh, and hydrate skin after shaving. Learn More
  2. Reparative Eye Cream for Premature Aging

    Reparative Eye Cream for Premature Aging

    To target the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles in the corners of the eyes this light cream uses an organic extract from the Spilanthes Plant. This powerful extract may help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Learn More
  3. Vagi-Stim - G Spot Stimulator

    G Spot Stimulator

    Created with natural ingredients, G Spot Stimulator engages the G-spot and stimulates it for increased pleasure.A silky formula that intensifies sensation in and around the nerve endings on the clitoral hood & top wall of the vagina. Learn More
  4. Vitamin C 1000 with Retinol Anti Aging Serum

    Vitamin C 1000 with Retinol Anti Aging Serum

    Vitamin C is well known for its super antioxidant qualities, combined with Retinol, the anti-aging are exponentially elevated. Together the combination of actives may help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C may also help reduce the appearance of dark spots. Learn More
  5. Eyebrow Volumizer

    Eyebrow Volumizer

    A unique eyebrow conditioner and volumizer. Learn More
  6. Spafrica's Eye Lash Volumizer

    Eye Lash Volumizer

    A unique eyelash conditioner and volumizer that, with daily use, may help the appearance of longer, stronger, more beautiful lashes. Using yeast-derived glycoproteins, this volumizer may help magnify and thicken lashes, as well as may help increase flexibility and prevent breakage. This allows eyelash hair to reach its full potential. Learn More
  7. Spafrica's Supreme Power Brightening Serum Spot Treatment

    Supreme Power Brightening Serum Spot Treatment

    The mosteffective way to lighten pigment or remove dark spots is to manipulate melanin productivity. Tyrosinase is essentially the enzymatic conversion of tyrosine (a natural amino acid) into melanin through oxidization. Tyrosinase catalyzes the production of melanin in Melanocytes (melanin cells) through a process called melogenesis. A similar effect can be seen on potato skins and apples when exposed to oxygen and open air. Extract from various prairie plants of the Rumex genus may help inhibit tyrosinase activity. Rumex extract has a strong inhibitory effect on the tyrosinase enzyme, which nips the melanin process in the bud. If any melanin sneaks past the Rumex extract, then it's disrupted during the transfer process by our second ingredient, a biomemetic peptide called Nonapeptide-1. Nonapeptide 1 is a spectacular biomemetic peptide, specifically designed to antagonize and hinder the body's melanocytestumulating hormone.Melanin is usually transferred via (melanocytestumulating hormones) from the melanocytes (melanin cells) to keratinocytes (epidermal skin cells). To accomplish a successful transfer, these hormones bond with the MC1-R receptors in the keratinocytes. Nonapeptide-1 hinders the connection between the hormone and the receptor, disrupting the transfer of melanin between cells.Alpha Arbutin; a powerful ingredient extracted from the Bearberry plant which displays both tyrosinase inhibition and melanin transfer disruption properties. Learn More
  8. Supreme Power Skin Lightening Gel

    Supreme Power Skin Lightening Gel

    An invigorating gel that may help provide unparalleled skin thanks to a resourceful and extremely effective ingredient called 4-Hexylresorcinol. 4-Hexylresorcinol is an organic compound naturally derived from the bran factions of rye and other cereals that exhibit powerful melanin inhibiting properties. Learn More
  9. Spafrica's Triple Action Vitamin C Cream

    Triple Action Vitamin C Cream

    Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and large contributor to beautiful, radiant looking skin. However, many people fail to get enough of it resulting in a dull and dry appearance. Fortunately this smooth cream includes 3 separate forms of Vitamin C. Learn More
  10. Spafrica's Natural Collagen Anti-Aging Cream

    Natural Collagen Anti-Aging Cream

    A state of the art formula that uses the stem cells produced from an Orange plant with the purpose to influence skin stem cells into picking up the slack. This advanced cream may help sustain the radiance and beauty of your skin long into the future. Learn More
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